Tuesday September 25th 2018

Rogers vs. Bell – Which is better?

Bell services versus Rogers services in Toronto

When moving into the Greater Toronto Area, your main two options for Internet, Phone, and Cable Television is Rogers and Bell.  Although many perceive both to be on the same level, others may disagree.  So the question remains: Is Rogers service better than Bell? or does Bell provide better services?

Based on my discussions with various customers, here are some points to consider:

  • Bell outsources many calls to India
  • Rogers uses Canadian Call Centres
  • Bell home phone is regulated by CRTC.
    This results in many mandatory charges.
  • Rogers home phone is not regulated
  • Rogers provides on-demand services
  • Bell is starting to provide on-demand services
  • Both Bell and Rogers have rude customer service
  • Bell takes longer to resolve issues

Bell’s new fibre optic lines to the node are exciting. But they are known to have rude customer service and incorrect monthly billing.

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